$650.00 USD

Lead Shooter Certification

The ShootWith.Me Lead Shooter Course is a comprehensive training designed to enhance your skills as a wedding photographer. With nearly 10 hours of immersive instruction, you will learn various aspects of wedding photography, including capturing the essence of the couple, orchestrating family formals, documenting the ceremony, photographing details, mastering reception lighting, and much more. At the end of the course, assess your proficiency and knowledge of all aspects of wedding photography with a 74-question quiz.

How to become Lead Shooter Certificated

1. Purchase the lead shooter course linked below.

2. Watch all of the lessons in their entirety.

3. Score a 90% or higher on the assessment.

4. Have 100 portfolio images on your ShootWith.Me profile.

5. Have two full gallery links on your ShootWith.Me profile.

6. Maintain an average review score of 4 stars or higher (if you have no reviews this won't apply).

Benefits of Being Lead Shooter Certified on ShootWith.Me

  • Ensures Trust and Confidence When Getting Hired
  • Stand Out Among Your Peers
  • Receive More Job Offers
  • Credibility and Recognition
  • Validates Your Mastery of Wedding Photography

Obtaining Lead Shooter Certification from ShootWith.Me not only brings a profound sense of achievement but also solidifies your expertise within the photography community. 

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